Gulf Labour Markets and Migration

An international independent, non-partisan, non-profit joint programme of a major Gulf think tank and a globally renowned academic migration centre
The programme provides data, analyses, and recommendations contributing to the improvement of understanding and management of
Gulf labour markets and migration, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholders

Philippe Fargues


Director of the Migration Policy Centre

Philippe Fargues is a sociologist and demographer. He is currently the Director of the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute, the founding Director of the Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration (CARIM) and Director of the Migration Summer School. He has been Director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies at the American University in Cairo, a senior researcher at the French National Institute for Demographic Studies in Paris, a visiting profes­sor at Harvard, and the Director of the Centre for Economic Legal and Social Studies (CEDEJ) in Cairo. His research interests include migration and refugee movements, population and politics in Muslim countries, family building, and demography and development. He has extensively published on these topics and lectured in a number of universities in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. Fargues’ most recent publications include: International Migration and the Nation State in Arab Countries (Middle East Law and Governance, Toronto, 2013); Demography, Migration and Revolt in the South of the Mediterranean (in Arab Society in Revolt, Brookings, Washington, 2012); Immigration without Inclusion: Non-Nationals in Nation-Building in the Gulf States (Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 2011); International Migration and the Demographic Transition: a Two-Way Interaction (International Migration Review, 2011).

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