Gulf Labour Markets and Migration

An international independent, non-partisan, non-profit joint programme of a major Gulf think tank and a globally renowned academic migration centre
The programme provides data, analyses, and recommendations contributing to the improvement of understanding and management of
Gulf labour markets and migration, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholders



The Gulf Labour Markets and Migration programme aims at serving a wide range of individuals as well as organizations, governmental and non-governmental, national and international. Being a joint programme of a university and a think tank, its activities are geared towards researchers and students on the one hand and policymakers, advocates and media on the other hand. On highly complex and hugely important issues as labour markets and migration in the Gulf countries, it goes without saying that the promoters of the programme aim at reaching as many stakeholders as possible, including workers and employers, GCC nationals and nationals of other countries resident in a GCC member state.

While all these stakeholders focus on these issues, they may have different demands in terms of requests for specific information or the form in which information is made available. The GLMM programme makes significant efforts to satisfy the specific needs of the various stakeholders.