Data and Documents

Data are an essential part of any programme that seeks to improve understanding of migration as well as improve legislation. The Gulf Labour Markets and Migration programme has developed a database that relies, first and foremost, on the national data and documents of the GCC countries. It aims at collecting, to the extent possible, data and documents relevant for the understanding of labour markets and migration in these countries. It assesses the quality of the data and makes them available to users in a user-friendly format.

At present, the database contains principally demographic data and legal documents as well as some economic data for three countries: Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – countries on which the GLMM focused in its first phase (March 2013 – June 2014). Since June 2014, data and documents are added for Bahrain first, followed by those for Oman and then those for the United Arab Emirates. It is expected that the entire database will have a very good level of completeness by the beginning of 2015. Significant efforts will be made to keep the database updated and to further increase its level of completeness. Eventually, it will contain demographic, legal, economic, social, political as well as administrative data for all six GCC countries. Further objectives include to make some key data comparable and to develop an interactive database.

Terms of use. The data contained in the GLMM database can be used based upon specific conditions.

The GLMM encourages users to signal and submit data that is not yet included in the database. It also encourages researchers to use the GLMM data to produce new tables and graphs that could be posted on the GLMM website to further the understanding of Gulf labour markets and migration. For more information, please click here.