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Oman: Ministerial Decision No. 102/2015 Regulating Part-time Work

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Oman: Ministerial Decision No. 102/2015 Regulating Part-time Work



Date of adoption


30 April 2015

Entry into force


04 May 2015

Text versions



Qanoon, Official Journal Issue No. 1099 (03 May 2015), accessed: 15 Jan 2018,




Keywords: Oman, Laws & Regulations, National Labour, Work Conditions                                                                                                                                 

An employer may hire a part-time worker in accordance with the following conditions (Art. 2):

1.      Work hours may not exceed five hours a day.

2.      Pay rate should be at least 3 Omani Riyals per hour.

3.      Worker must be an Omani citizen.

4.      Part-time worker may be already employed, seeking employment, or a student, and workers between the ages of 16 and 18 may only work between the hours of six am and six pm.

5.      The percentage of part-time workers may not exceed 10% of the allocated Omanization percentage.

The employer shall insure part-time workers through a licensed insurance company against work injuries (Art. 3).

The work contract for part-time work shall determine the following (Art. 4):

1.      Work hours

2.      Work days

3.      Hourly pay rate, and payment method.

A part-time worker shall be paid on a weekly basis, or may be paid biweekly or once a month if his written approval is obtained (Art. 5).

The employer or worker may terminate the work contract by giving a written notice seven days prior to the termination date (Art. 6).

This decision repeals Ministerial Decision No. 520 of 2013 (Art. 7).

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